Post-release 2008

On 24 28 November 2008 Expocentre Fairgrounds in Moscow hosted a large-scale event comprising three exhibitions dedicated to the furniture industry. These were Mebel, the 20th International Exhibition for Furniture, Fittings and Upholstery, the 2nd Moscow International Salon Interior Show, held within the framework of Mebel2008 at the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall, and the ZOW2008 exhibition of components, semi-finished products and accessories for the furniture industry. The extensive programme of business events, which included the 3rd Moscow International Congress of the Furniture Industry - MIFIC, dedicated conferences, seminars, round tables, various contests and other events, became an important constituent of the Mebel project.

The Mebel2008 International Exhibition was organized by Expocentre under the patronage of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and the Government of Moscow, with assistance and participation of Centromebel, ZAO; Centrlesexpo, OAO; the all-Russian public organization Russian Association of Workers of the Furniture Industry and Trade FURNITURE-MAKERS OF RUSSIA.

The Exhibition was held with support from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, which testified to the quality of the show and its importance for the development of the domestic furniture industry. The high international status of the exhibition is confirmed by the labels of UFI - the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, and RUEF - the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs.

The high level of interest in the Mebel Exhibition proves the importance and need for this project. The Russian Government, the Moscow City Government, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and international trade organizations sent their representatives to the opening ceremony of the exhibition to extend their congratulations to one of the worlds major trade fairs .

The exhibition was opened by Deputy Minister of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation A.V. Dementiev. Addressing the organizers and participants he underlined that the Mebel trade show is not a mere showcase of new products: it is a business forum covering a set of questions relating to the development of the Russian furniture industry.

Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation V.B. Isakov observed that Mebel is a socially important project. 20 years of the successful development is a result of hard work of furniture-makers as well as of the organizers who have created a beneficial environment for effective work and high commercial results at the exhibition.

In his speech at the opening of Mebel2008 President of the Russian Union of Timber Industrialists and Exporters M.V. Tatsun spoke on the excellent development prospects for the Russian furniture industry which is now the most thriving industry of the Russian economy.

This exhibition reflects the results of our work, said Director General of the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE) Massimo Mamberti. The national pavilion of Italy put on display 300 leading Italian furniture-making companies on the show floor of 14, 000 sqm. ICE Director General thanked Expocentre for the opportunity to arrange a comprehensive and large-scale display of Italian furniture products.

Director of the Consumer Goods Department Hose Maria Fernando Moreno addressed the Mebel2008 exhibitors and visitors on behalf of the Embassy of Spain and the Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade (ICEX). He noted the success of this project and called it the No. One trade fair for the furniture industry. Mr. Moreno stressed the key importance of the Russian market for Spanish furniture-makers. They would not be able to achieve such a success in Russia if it were not for the Mebel Exhibition. The Exhibition is of the utmost importance for those who wish to source new partners and generate new business contacts. Spain took part in Mebel2008 with its national pavilion which put on display over 50 Spanish furniture-makers.

The Mebel2008 opening ceremony was attended by Head of the Light and Timber Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation M. Yu. Klinov, Director General of Centrlesexpo T.R. Irtuganov, President of the all-Russian non-governmental organization Russian Association of Workers of the Furniture Industry and Trade FURNITURE-MAKERS OF RUSSIA E.K. Tchernetsky and other officials.

The Mebel Exhibition marked its 20th anniversary with high performance figures. According to the data of the exhibition audit held by RussCom IT Systems Mebel2008 hosted over 1,200 companies from 36 countries: Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Great Britain, Vietnam, Germany, Denmark, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran, Spain, Italy, China, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, Syria, Slovenia, USA, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Philippines, Finland, France, Czechia and Japan.

Over the past 10 years the show floor of the exhibition has increased by a factor of 1.6 and in 2008 made up 43,000 sqm (net) or 84,645 sqm (gross).

Mebel2008 hosted national pavilions of 12 countries: Belarus, Germany, Iran, Spain, Italy, China, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Finland and France.

Mebel2008 welcomed global furniture industry leaders including Barriviera Cappe SRL., Blanco GmbH + Co.Kg, Florencio Solomando Barrera S.L., Franke GmbH, Hanspert, Himolla Polstermoebel GmbH, Hranipex A.S., Hurtado Muebles, Mobil Fresno S.L., Nolte, Ofifran, Industrias Dupen, S.A., Industrias Mova, Karl Josef Decker GmbH, Kinwai, Hon-Habytek S.R.O., Kler S.A., Martela OY, Mobilclan S.P.A., Mobex, Ponjanmaan Kaluste OY, Sesa S.P.A., Simex, Sciae, Sueddekor GmbH, Vauth-Sagel Systemtechnik GmbH & Co., Vetreria Veneta S.A.S. and many others.

Recent years have seen a 50:50 ratio of Russian to foreign exhibitors at the Mebel Exhibition.

Russian furniture products were demonstrated by around 600 companies including Dobriy Stil, Duna, MDM-Complect, Kardinal, Kukhni Verona, Atlas-Lux, Kostroma-Mebel, Mebel Chernozemya, Kukhni Marya, Toris, Skhodnya Furniture Factories, Stolplit, Mann-Group, Ufamebel, Estetica and others.

For the convenience of the exhibitors and visitors the Mebel Exhibition Management keeps working to improve the arrangement of the exhibition. Mebel2008 saw the Kitchen and Accessories Salon located in Pavilion No.3, Furniture Fittings and Upholstery Salon in Pavilions No.5 and 6. It was the first time that Mebel2008 featured the Interior Glass and the Office World dedicated areas.

The Mebel Exhibition has made it a tradition to bring together the best interior designers at the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall. In 2008 this most beautiful venue in the world hosted the 2nd Moscow International Salon Interior Show, organized by Expocentre and Eidos Communications (Media Agency of Salon-Press Publishing House).

Interior Show Salon became the key interiors event for Russia as it brought together the most prominent interior designers whose products can be regarded as pieces of art.

The worlds flagship brands from Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, India, Italy, Netherlands, France, USA, Russia and Japan demonstrated the latest and most fashionable trends in the interior design. Such global leaders as Fendi, Versace, WWTS, Baleri Italia, Busnelli, Andrew Martin, Lam Lee and others put new lines of products on display.

The focal artistic project of the Interior Show was the Design Museum customarily displaying works of the most renowned designers who had made it into the history of the worlds design. The new project within the show - a photo show Secret Kremlin. Rooms of Power made it possible to view little-known interiors of the prominent statesmens offices. A new feature the Little Princes Home was dedicated to the Year of the Family held in Russia in 2008. The House Museum section showcased interiors as works of art.

In addition to a substantial display Interior Show2008 offered a range of compelling events including competitions for the Russian Design Award and the Best Interior Salon Award, the Day of Danish Design and the Day of the Family, Turn-Key Projects: Trends, Development, Investment Conference, billiards tournament, cooking shows and many others.

The opening event on the programme of the Interior Show2008 was the Day of the Italian Design which incorporated master classes of the famous Italian interior and fashion designers and architects: Nino Cerutti, Carlo Colombo, Massimo Iosa Ghini and Massimo Papiri.

Mebel2008 saw a presentation of the furniture business of the Italian Marche Region which was arranged by a representative group of Italian businessmen. Among the group were President of Marche Region Gian Mario Spacca, Regional Minister for Industry and International Relations Gianni Giaccaglia, President of Pesaro and Urbino Province Palmiro Ucchieli, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pesaro and Urbino Province Alberto Drudi and other officials.

The Mebel2008 Programme of Events was diverse and substantial. Broad opportunities were created for b2b and b2c communication. For the convenience of the industry professionals Business Centres were operating in Pavilions No. 7 and 8.

The wide-ranging programme of contests allowed to select the best enterprises of the Russian and foreign furniture industry and to demonstrate the most promising products. Mebel2008 hosted the 4th International Competition among furniture-makers and traders organized by ANO SOYUZEXPERTIZA of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and Expocentre.

The top honour the 1st grade Certificate and the Gold Medal - in the Best Consumer Qualities category went to Stoross Office, OOO (Moscow region); Grafskoye, OAO (Voronezh, Krasnolesnyiy town); Folksmaster, GK (Moscow); Yana, OOO (Rostov-on-Don); Vitra, OOO (Tomsk); Interdesign Company (Kalininrad); Mebel Tchernozemiya Holding Company (Voronezh); Askona Trading House, OOO (Vladimir region, Kovrov); Bobr Furniture Factory (Moscow region); Alians-M, OOO (Izhevsk); Michelle Afle (IP Vostrukhin M.S., Moscow region, Electrostal); MDM-Complect, OOO (Moscow); Almaz, OOO (Rostov region, Volgodonsk); Kurag, OOO (Ryazan); Maskter I K, OOO (Novosibirsk region, Berdsk); Salvadori Group (Italy); Zigflex, TM, Russkiy Standart, OOO (Moscow region, Shchelkovo); Mebel-Stil, OOO (Moscow).

The 2nd grade Certificate and the Silver Medal was carried off by Interdesign Company, OOO (Kaliningrad); Salon Mebelux, OOO (Omsk); Alians-M (Izhevsk).

Mebel Tchernozemiya Holding Company (Voronezh); Grafskoye, OAO (Voronezh); Vitra, OOO (Tomsk); and Imperia Bogacho, TM (IP Vostrukhin M.S., Moscow region, Electrostal) won the 1st grade Certificate and the Gold Medal in the Most Successful Promotion of Quality Products category.

The International Competition in Design and Production of New Furniture Items and Furnishing Accessories with Modern Facing Materials of Alpi (Italy) organized by Expocentre, the Association of Furniture and Woodworking Enterprises of Russia, the Institute of Design and Technological Engineering, Alpi S.p.A. (Italy), Aquales Group (Russia), BALIMEX&CONSULT (Czechia) was held for the fourth time.

The award ceremony of the Russian Furniture Award for the best furniture items and of the qualifier for the Russian Cabriole 2008 National Award in Industry Design of Furniture became the closing event of the 20th Mebel International Exhibition.

Competitions were organized by Expocentre, the Industrial Art and Technical Council, the Association of Furniture and Woodworking Enterprises of Russia and the Russian Union of Designers.

The Russian Mebel Competition is held between Russian enterprises and is an integral part of the Mebel Exhibition - the largest furniture industry event in Russia. 2008 saw the 20th edition of this competition and the 4th edition of a qualifier for the Russian Cabriole National Award.

The winners for the Innovative Technological Solutions, Materials, Accessories and Components Award were Vetro MM, OOO (Naro-Fominsk); Consul Holding (Moscow); Naidy, OOO (Izhevsk); Interdesign (Kaliningrad); Salon Mebelux, OOO (Omsk); Lotus MF (Kirovo-Tchepetsk); Takos, OOO (Kostroma); Grafskoye, OAO (Voronezh region).

The Best Price/Quality Ratio of the Furniture Products was made to Slobodskaya Mebel, OOO (Kirov region, Slobodskoy); Vitra, OOO (Tomsk); Ekspro, OAO (Tula); Miassmebel, ZAO (Tchelyabinsk region, Miass); Borovichi Mebel, ZAO (Novgorod region, Borovichi).

The winners in the Best Designer Project category were Interier Komplekt, OOO (Reutov); Tamek, OOO (Taganrog); Kukhni Trio, OAO (Ulyanovsk); Ulyanovskmebel, Dmitrovskiy Furniture Factory (Moscow region, Dmitrov); Estetica (Shatura), Dobryiy Stil Furniture Factory (Ulyanovsk region); Mebel-Aliance, OOO (Moscow); Uvadrev Holding, OAO (Udmurtiya); Ufamebel (Ufa); Mebel is Stekla, OOO (Voronezh); Ekomebel, PK (Dubna); Mebel, OOO SP (Moscow Region); Stoross Office (Moscow Region); Defo, OOO (Sain-Petersburg); Kostromamebel, OAO (Kostroma); Mebel Tchernozemiya, OAO (Voronezh).

Eurochem Trading House (Moscow) received an award for the logically and functionally best arranged display. Forema Kitchens, ZAO (Moscow Region) was marked for the professional presentation of the company at the show.

The Grand Prizes of the Industrial Art and Technical Council in various categories were given to Borovichi Mebel, ZAO (Novgorod region, Borovichi); Ulyanovskmebel (Ulyanovsk); Ufamebel (Ufa); Ekomebel, PK (Moscow region, Dubna); Mebel, OOO SP (Moscow Region); Defo, OOO (Sain-Petersburg); Kostromamebel, OAO (Kostroma); Mebel Tchernozemiya Holding Company (Voronezh).

Mebel2008 hosted extremely important industry events which summed up the preliminary results of 2008 for the industry and discussed prospects for the coming year.

The performance of enterprises of the furniture and woodworking industry in 2008 was discussed at the Seminar of the Board of Directors of Centromebel, ZAO. Dwelling on the development of the contemporary furniture market the Director General of Centromebel, ZAO A. G. Mityukov defined key sources of difficulties in the Russian furniture industry.

He specifically noted that the main obstacle to the development of the woodworking sector, including the furniture industry, is outdated technology and equipment. New equipment and materials as well as international best practices are required to raise the effectiveness of the sector. Among the essential tasks to be solved for the successful development of the sector Mr Mityukov put the availability of industry qualified staff. The seminar featured the experience of domestic companies in adoption of new technologies and materials.

Representatives of over 20 furniture-making enterprises from all Russias regions took part in an enlarged session of the Council of the all-Russian non-governmental organization the Russian Association of Workers of the Furniture Industry and Trade FURNITURE-MAKERS OF RUSSIA.

President of the Association E.K. Tchernetskiy delivered a report on the work of the association over 2007 and 2008. He highlighted the main lines of activity of the association and its regional divisions under the new Forest Code of the Russian Federation.

During the session heads of regional divisions and associations as well as furniture-making enterprises came up with promising investment projects.

On 27 November 2008 the Mebel International Exhibition hosted an award ceremony to celebrate the achievements of its exhibitors. The ceremony was attended by both well-established exhibitors, which over the years had been showcasing the best and most creative projects making the display of the exhibition fuller and more diverse, and emerging companies, which would become long-time partners of the exhibition.

The contests for the awards ran in four categories: the Successful Partnership, the Long-Time Cooperation, the Veteran of the Furniture Industry and the Best Debut. Over 50 Russian exhibitors at Mebel2008 received special certificates and prizes.

The Successful Partnership Award was made to the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE), the Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade (ICEX), Centrlesexpo, OAO, and Centromebel, ZAO.

The winners for the Long-Time Cooperation Award were Skhodnya Mebel, OOO (Moscow region); Novo Mebel, ZAO (Tula region, Donskoy); Dobryiy Stil, MF (Ulyanovsk region); Imperia Bogacho (Moscow region, Electrostal); Atlas-Lux, OOO (Moscow); Verona PKF (Moscow region, Ivanteyevka); Sputnik Stil (Moscow); Europlak Holding (Moscow region, Podolsk); Hettich Rus, OOO (Moscow region, Zheleznodorozhny); Mebel Tchernozemiya Holding Company (Voronezh); Mir Detskoy Mebeli (Saint Petersburg).

The second for the Long-Time Cooperation Award were A.P. Impex Décor (Moscow); Miassmebel, ZAO (Tchelyabinsk region, Miass); Riter, OOO (Moscow); Consul Holding (Moscow); Dana MF (Moscow region); Almaz, OOO (Rostov region, Volgodonsk); Tolris Group, OOO (Moscow region, Mytishchi); Yuzhnaya Furniturnaya Kompaniya (Kursk); Blum, OOO (Moscow region); MDM-Complect (Moscow).

The Veteran of the Furniture Industry Award went to the senior players in the Russian furniture market: Slobodskaya Mebel, OOO (Kirov region); Rusmebel, Tcherepovets Plywood and Furniture Factory (Volgograd region, Tcherepovets); Ulyanovsk Furniture Factory (Ulyanovsk); Marya Furniture Factory (Saratov); and Defo Company.

The Best Debut Award was made to the first-time exhibitors at the Mebel Exhibition: Mebel iz Stekla, OOO (Voronezh); Mebel Dlya Vsekh, OOO (Ekaterinburg); Alfa-Pik, OOO (Rostov Region, Volgodonsk); Evromash, OOO (Mosocow); Profil-Stal (Volgograd); Eprom Furniture Factory (Nizhniy Novgorod); PA Interier, Avenue, OOO (Moscow); Faber S.P.A. (Italy); Ponyglass (Moscow); Adiana (Moscow); Eleganza.

The special prize and the certificate in the Best Stand category, established by Made in Future magazine, went to Faber S.P.A.

It was the second year that the Mebel Exhibition ran concurrently with the ZOW international exhibition of components, semi-finished products and accessories, organized by SURVEY Marketing + Consulting GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) and RESTEC Exhibition Company with assistance of Expocentre.

The 3rd Moscow International Congress of the Furniture Industry MIFIC became one of the major industry events unique for Russia. The rich programme of seminars, conferences, master classes and round tables enabled the participants in the Congress to discuss every aspect of the furniture industry development. In 2008 MIFIC incorporated the first edition of the international conference Retail. New Centre of Power in the Russian Furniture Market organized by RESTEC Exhibition Company and Mebelny Biznes magazine.

Thus, the Mebel Exhibition combined several major events of the Russian furniture industry.

The format of the Mebel2008 Exhibition provided a comprehensive idea of the development of the furniture industry and its constituents: furniture, components, design, and it gave an insight into the latest development trends.

The number of visitors to Mebel2008 and its programme of events equaled to 39 180. That was a 16% increase on the previous year. The specialist attendance grew by 12% on the previous edition and made up 33 300. The total visitor attendance rose by more than 16% and was 60 430.

The Exhibition created new interaction opportunities for the furniture industry specialists, and is certain to have high impact on the development of the Russian furniture market, to encourage promotion of Russian products and enhance the reputation of Russian manufacturers.

The organizers of the exhibition will be glad to welcome the exhibitors and visitors to Mebel2009, the 21st International Exhibition, which will run at Expocentre Fairgrounds on 23-27 November 2009, and the 3rd Moscow International Salon Interior Show2009 held con-currently at the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall.