Press release 2009

Mebel'2009/2010: Exhibition Development Programme to Saturate the Market and Boost Demand.

23-27 November 2009, Expocentre will host the Mebel'2009 International Exhibition. It is the largest Russian and a major European industry event providing the Russian furniture market with the most comprehensive insight into the latest trends that are affecting the market, mass demand, fashion, style and design.

The exhibition is to provide solutions to a number of important issues that domestic and international furniture-makers, as well as organizers of furniture exhibitions, are facing amid the economic instability.

Expocentre's experience shows that major trade fairs, such as the Mebel exhibition, are the best intermediary bringing together manufacturers and consumers, saturating the market and stimulating demand. Industry professionals confirm that a major trade fair is an important opportunity to boost sales and keep abreast of the market. The latter ensures reduced risks and more cost-effective business processes.

In association with the industry specialists Expocentre has designed a target the Mebel exhibition development programme, named Mebel'2009/2010, to saturate the furniture market and boost demand.

Expocentre devised its strategy for supporting Russia's furniture market basing on a clear fact that the largest Russian furniture exhibition has significant potential that is still to be exploited. The industry leadership and Expocentre management team believe that this is the time for the furniture industry to use its main trade exhibition to its full potential.

It is known that the most effective way for every company to avoid or recover losses resulting from recession in demand is to retain market presence, maintain contacts with clients and partners and keep demonstrating company's advantages. The companies that continue to take part in major and most communications-effective exhibitions testify to the importance of maintaining market place amid temporary economic difficulties. Sometimes they reduce rented stand space but still take part in major exhibitions. They choose to exhibit at the Mebel exhibition ЁC a leading industry event ЁC which is a sensible strategy to save resources and maximise returns on investments.

The core point of the Mebel'2009/2010 programme, designed by Expocentre, is an approach that is tailored to the market position, resources and needs of every exhibitor. Wide application of this approach has already enabled Expocentre to successfully hold the trade fairs of the first half of the year.

Considering a significant number of small and medium companies taking part in the Mebel exhibition, Expocentre has reduced the rental charge for 18,000 sq. m. of the ground level space adapted for exhibitions.

The new halls allow construction of one-storey exhibition structures while leaving room for creative stand solutions. The main principle of exposition arrangement here is horizontal that is very convenient when furniture for offices and homes with standard ceilings to be displayed.

What makes the new exhibition space even more attractive is a close proximity ЁC just 50 meters ЁC of the West venue entrance to the Ў®Vystavochnaya' (former Ў®Delovoi Tzentr') metro station. The lobby of the West entrance allows visitors to register for the exhibition and then access any halls of the venue pavilions.

In compliance with the Mebel'2009/2010 programme, Expocentre is willing to help the exhibitors to streamline their exhibition budget, and in the long run, to stabilized their businesses retaining existing clients and finding new ones.

Expocentre also draws attention of the exhibitors to the advantages of business repositioning during the economic crisis as an opportunity to create a platform for further development of the business when the economy begins to grow.

One of the innovations of Mebel'2009 will be the grouping of the exposition into seven dedicated areas. Such an arrangement will simplify navigation through the exhibition, which will enable the exhibitors to draw maximum clients and partners to their stands.

Thus, the exhibition will feature the following sectors of the furniture industry:

International Furniture: Classic and Modern

Upholstered and Cabinet Furniture for Homes, Upholstery

Component parts, hardware and fittings

Kitchen World: furniture, appliances, accessories

Office and Specialist Furniture

Interior Design

Separate furniture and dЁ¦cor items

The programme pays special attention to the work with national pavilions, exhibiting at the furniture shows at Expocentre Fairgrounds.

Thus, what the exhibitors receive by taking part in the Mebel exhibition is not only a stand space at the largest and most attended industry event in Russia, but also an additional promotional package to enhance their presence at the exhibition. The package includes:

1. Training Seminar for all exhibitors on effective exhibiting in the Mebel exhibition (this is a unique service that is delivered only by the one exhibition organizer in Russia - Expocentre).

2. Publication of the company information in the news section of the exhibition website (already at the moment, when the exhibition is still almost six months ahead, the website attendance makes up over 1000 per day and the majority of visitors are the target audience).

3. Free admission to all the exhibitions introduced by Expocentre from 18 May 2009 that enable exhibitors to invite an unlimited number of prospect clients.

4. §°n-line registration that helps to speed up admission to the fairgrounds (makes the admission easier).

5. Whole-scale assistance for the exhibitors in arranging invitation mailings to the target visitors.

6. Programme of business-related events, that will mainly be featuring strategies of maintaining and increasing sales in the new economic environment.

7. Flexible price policy opening up new opportunities for small and medium businesses to enter the market through the main industry event.

Other priorities of the Mebel'2009/2010 programme include the improvement of awareness-raising and advertising activities relating to conventions and exhibitions, as well as promotion of the Saving Travel Expenses Programme designed by the hospitality companies. These solutions enable exhibitors to get more information in a real-time environment and make more business contacts at a cost of the space rental.

Mebel'2009 Being Put Together

The Mebel'2009/2010 development programme is implemented, when Expocentre has the Mebel'2009 exhibition on the go for the forthcoming autumn season.

By June 2009 companies representing the furniture industry had already booked 46,000 sq. m. of the net exhibition space, which is an increase on the previous year. The Mebel exhibition is welcoming leaders of the furniture industry that will take part in the exhibition for the first time, such as Dyatkovo Company.

This year's edition will see a considerable increase in international participation: 36 exhibiting countries will be joined by 6 more ЁC Egypt, India, Latvia, Moldova, Singapore and Estonia.

Mebel'2009 is being put together and applications for participation are still welcome.