Buying Potential 2010

Double monitoring of buyer possibilities of Mebel

For the first time buying potentials audit of Mebel2009 was held 3 months before the beginning of the exhibition. The purpose was to examine what purchases were going to be done by the visitors in 2009. Now we bring to your notice the buying potentials audit results held in April, 2010, for determining the amount of real purchases 4 months after the exposition.

The purpose of the given research is checking the evaluation results of the same exhibition before and after it, besides independent estimation of furniture market conditions is to be done.

We consider the audit data to be very important for all market participants and open them for parties involved. As the result of the two investigation stages the independent estimation of furniture market conditions is received and also the broad picture of buying opportunities of the exhibition Mebel2009 is drawn. Taking into account the high-quality audit we can prove that the exhibition returns the expenses, lives up to participants expectations and is in-demand with target buyers.

Research note according to the results of the held buying potentials audit of Mebel2009

Examination procedure data

The audit is held by the authorized independent auditor working under the UFI and the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs control. The audit data are recognized by UFI, RUEF and FKM and are achieved in consideration with international rules.

The report is created on the bases of respondents interviewing included into statically supported selections of Mebel2009 real visitors, from which 50 per cent of pollees took part in the primary interviewing. The dates of auditors work: from March, 23 to April, 6 (11 days).

Overall conclusions

The exhibition Mebel2009 showed clear and significant interest among professionals in the sphere. Moreover, according to the results the reliance increase to the exhibition as the major event reflecting the industry conditions is observed.

The amount of respondents planning to visit the exhibition Mebel2010 increased for 10 per cent, the amount of participants who are not going to visit the exhibition reduced by 4 times.

The absolute majority (91.4 per cent) are going to visit the exhibition Mebel2010.

The respondents authorities in companies have not changed during the two researches that reflects the real view of the exhibition on the whole.

29.09.2009 est.06.04.2010 est.

The picture of respondents sphere of activities is also presented:

Companies field for 29.09.2009 for 06.04.2010
Manufacturing cabinet furniture 25% 28%
Manufacturing cushioned furniture 9% 10%
Manufacturing furnishing and components 6% 9%
Interior design 24% 20%
Furniture general sales 18% 24%
Furniture salon, retail sales 42% 44%
Furnishing and components sales 8% 11%
Sailing equipment for furniture production 2% 2%
Finance and investment companies 1% 1%
Other 21% 28%

In comparison with previous evaluation the goals of visiting the exhibition have changed: the first place belongs to making and supporting business contacts, purchase orientation at the exhibition increased; besides the amount of visitors exploring new industries at the exhibition is significant. Nevertheless, the decrease of respondents who pointed the goal as market conditions exploration seems to be questionable, for it is impossible to make successful business without understanding industry development tendencies.

The most interesting parts of the exhibition for visitors are as follows:

It is important to point that practically all parts of the exhibition attract much attention of visitors and there are no uncalled fields.

Market condition

Most of the interviewed respondents feel the market stability or positive development dynamics. These companies broaden their manufacturing, open new store units, expand work with clients and suppliers. They pointed the market revival though note that it is far from pre-crisis conditions. Nevertheless most of the companies feel the crisis influence.

According to respondents answers the companies of this industry can be divided into three groups:

  • 1. Companies that continue working without essential changes
    • The turnover of such companies is at the same level taking into account the data of 06.04.10 (33,9per cent of all interviewed specialists)
  • 2. Companies that increased their market turnover.
    • The turnover of such companies grew taking into account the data of 06.04.10 (23.9 per cent).
    • According to the respondents words such groups of companies could react immediately to the changes provoked by the crisis. As a result now they work stably and have strong growth.
  • 3. Companies that feel the crises influence
    • The turnover of such companies decreased taking into account the data of 06.04.10 (39.5 per cent)
    • Most of interviewed respondents mark the decrease of parcels and sales volume, financial difficulties etc.
    • The whole rank of such respondents notes the decrease in the speed of the receipt of funds to the companies accounts. This is connected with the growth of the customers amount who ask for goods realization without prepayment.

Thereby whereas before the exhibition the estimation was- the market is alive but the crisis influence is rather tangible, now the valuation is more optimistic.

Purchase amount on the basis of the exhibition results

The comparison of the planned purchase estimations on the eve of the exhibition and the investments after it.

Purchase amount Minimal number of visitors planning such purchase amount (%) Investments after exhibition (%)
Up to 200 thousand rubles. 38.4% 14.1%
200 thousand rubles 1 million rubles 23.1% 24.0%
1-5 million rubles 11.3% 16.2%
5-10 million rubles 2.8% 7.3%
More than 10 million rubles 2.5% 3.3%

The amount of minimal purchase decreased considerably, and the high volume of factual investments grew to a marked degree. Thereby the resulting purchase value appeared to be much higher than they were planned.

66.9 per cent of respondents purchased goods according to the company profile during 4 months after the exhibition Mebel2009..

Such sections as Components and furnishing for furniture manufacturing (77.9 %), Separate objects of furniture and design (72.4%), Cabinet and cushioned furniture, soft furnishings (71.8%), Interior design (71.8%) represent the biggest potential of purchase possibilities.

In absolute figures taking into account the data of 06.04.2010 the estimation of average investments of one visitor (who purchases goods during 4 months after the exhibition) is between 2.13 and 2.89 million dollars which is three times higher than the preliminary estimation. In September 2009 the estimation of average investments of one visitor was 66 thousand rubles-1.14 million rubles.

Accordingly, the estimation of buyers possibilities at the exhibition Mebel2009, measured by summarizing the 4 months results after the exhibition, is in confidence interval from 37.3 to 50.5 billion rubles (the preliminary estimation was 14.8-24.5 billion dollars).

The separate question was asked during the research which is connected with the investments sum realized by the visitors according to the results of the exhibition (according to the purchase from new and old suppliers production of which was presented at the exhibition Mebel2009).

As a result, the purchase amount from new and old suppliers, who presented their production at the exhibition Mebel2009, was 45 per cent (on the average) from all purchase realized by the exhibition respondents according to the given topic during 4 months after the show. In money terms with confidential probability 80 per cent it is in the money interval from 15.1 to 24.3 billion rubles.

Therefore according to the 4 months results after the exhibition the characteristics estimation highly exceeded the preliminary data, it means that the exponents and visitors expectations proved themselves.


Summarizing and comparing the audit results in September 2009 and April 2010 the following conclusions can be drawn:

  • 1. Companies stratification in the furniture market strengthened which is connected with competitiveness of manufactured goods and also their management. Moreover, most of players in the furniture market (57.8%) continue their effective work or even increase their output, the other minor part (39.5%) have difficulties.
  • 2. The output estimation also looks optimistic:
    • 23.9% of respondents increased their turnover (April, 2010) instead of 8.1% (September, 2009)
    • 33.9% of respondents have the same turnover (April, 2010) compared with 26.2% in September, 2009.
    • 39.5% of respondents decreased their turnover (April, 2010) instead of 62.42% in September, 2009
  • 3. Respondents purchase level increased
    • The number of respondents planning to increase purchase grew from 63.7 % to 66.9 %.
    • The buyers possibilities estimation of the exhibition in 2010 exceeds half as much again as the buyers potential of Mebel2009.

It is important to note that the qualitative advertising campaign and the systematic work in forming visitors audience of Mebel2010 held during the whole year give opportunities to forecast qualitative and quantitative growth of visiting audience in 2010 that in its turn will help to increase the current buyers potential of the exhibition.

It ought to be remarked that such research of buyers potential has already been held in exhibiting sphere including exhibitions of the same theme which helps visitors to choose objectively the most effective events.

According to the research of buyers potential the exhibition Mebel can be regarded as the obvious leader.

Thereby, all conditions for effective work in the complicated economic situation are created for exponents and visitors, and the event itself is the effective tool of business support and development.