Address: Canada
E-mail: 139637@expocentr.ru
Country: Canada
, 197343, . -, . , . 41, Litera A, 41, Matrosa Zheleznyaka Str., 197343, Saint Petersburg, Russia TEL +7 (812) 320-4898 FAX +7 (812) ...

21 VEK

Phone: +7 (495) 979-4942
Address: 64B, Dmitrovskoe Shosse, Gribki Village, 141700, Moscow, Russia
E-mail: info@td21vek.ru
Web: http://www.td21vek.ru
Country: Russia
Wholesale and retail sales of furniture fittings. Kerron, Lemax, mixed Metax, Ozkardesler, Samet, Starax, Hayirii is. A wide assortment of fittings and stable supplies. Storehouse and office are at ...


Phone: +7 (3412) 74-29-81
Address: 37A, Saratovskaya Str., 426010, Izhevsk, Udmurtia Republic, Russia
E-mail: 38popugaev@sign.izhnet.ru
Web: http://www.mebel-sign.ru
Country: Russia
Children's furniture manufacturing. Design of children's rooms. Creation of projects. Manufacturing of serial and individual furniture.


Phone: +7 (965) 485-1616
Address: MTK Armada, 31D, 3rd Floor, Bldg. 1, 11, Kirovogradskaya Str., Moscow, Russia
E-mail: axcasa@mail.ru
Web: http://www.axcasa.ru
Country: Russia
Our company is the official representative of A&XCasa in the RF territory. A&H is luxury art deco style furniture exclusively designed with the use of Italian technologies.


Phone: +7 (83631) 4-26-52
Address: 5, 3rd Promyshlennaya Str., 425000, Volzhsk, Mariy El, Russia
E-mail: as-m@bk.ru
Web: http://www.as-mmebel.ru
Country: Russia
, LLC is the modern enterprise dealing with the production of cabinet-type furniture. Our products occupy sure position in furniture industry of the country.


Phone: +7 (910) 949-6639
Address: 3, Inshinskiy Proezd, 300024, Tula, Russia
E-mail: 392981@mail.ru
Web: http://www.actualdesignstudio.com
Country: Russia
The company produces the furniture of different complicated forms (tables, chairs, arm chairs and other items of furniture of the same style.


Phone: +90 (322) 351-39-11
Address: bidinpasa Caddesi No.52 01010 Seyhan/Adana Turkiye, Turkey
E-mail: info@adana-to.org.tr
Web: http://www.adana-to.org.tr
Country: Turkey
The department of furniture manufacturers at the Adana Chamber of Commerce is willing to meet Russian furniture importers to set up trading relationships. We search for potential furniture ...


Phone: +7 (473) 280-1900, 262-0160
Address: 40, Pereulok Repina, Voronezh, Russia
E-mail: info@adelkreis.ru
Web: http://www.adelkreis.ru
Country: Russia
Adelkreis is the producer of high-gloss acrylic facades of new generation. Distinctive features: edgeless facing of ends, scratch resistance, humidity-resistance, heat resistance.


Phone: +7 (49241) 3-80-70
Address: Apartment 23, 10A, Kakhovskogo Str., 601503, Gus-Khrustalny, Vladimir Region, Russia
E-mail: gussteklo@bk.ru
Web: http://www.ademglass.ru
Country: Russia
Wholesale and retail sales of patterned, grooved, chemically etched, polished, tinted glass and mirror cloth of different species in all regions of Russia.


Phone: +7 (83631) 4-10-58
Address: 2A, Transportnaya Str., Volzhsk, Mariy El, Russia
E-mail: sales@adgio.ru
Web: http://www.adgio.ru
Country: Russia
ADGIO Group is an enterprise employing modern technologies and producing a wide range of cabinet furniture for home and hotels, as well as mattresses with Bonnel springs.


Phone: +7 (8422) 27-77-57
Address: 25, 7th Inzhenerny Proezd, 432064, Ulyanovsk, Russia
E-mail: adilet@adilet.net
Web: http://www.adilet.net
Country: Russia
PVC films. PVC edge banding. Textile for furniture making sales, accessories.


Phone: +7 (495) 989-1229
Address: 34, Kozlova Str., Moscow, Russia
E-mail: web@mebelaero.ru
Web: http://www.mebelaero.ru
Country: Russia
Tables and chairs classic style, modern style, wooden, laquer, metal base. Bar stools, folding chairs, stools. Transformer tables.


Phone: +7 (985) 969-7667
Address: Central Estate, Yamkino Village, Noginsk District, Moscow Region, Russia
E-mail: greenlain@bk.ru
Web: http://www.green-lain.ru
Country: Russia
Manufacture of eco-friendly furniture made of natural wood. Due to modern technologies and its impeccable quality our furniture will last your family for many generations.


Phone: +7 (495) 743-0547
Address: Bldg. 1, 15, Yaroslavskaya Str., 129366, Moscow, Russia
E-mail: afinamail@mail.ru
Web: http://www.dachnaya-mebel.ru
Country: Russia
Trading and Manufacturing Company Afina-Mebelis a manufacturer and direct importer of artificial rattan furniture for cafes, bars and restaurants.


Phone: +49 (5731) 7800-19
Address: Gewerbestraße 27, 32584 Löhne, Germany
E-mail: dietrich.kretz@agoform.de
Web: http://www.agoform.de
Country: Germany
As Europe's largest manufacturer of custom-fit plastic cutlery inserts we offer an exceptionally wide range of design, colors, surfaces and sizes for a variety of drawer systems.


Phone: +7 (85594) 58628
Address: 6, Ozernaya Str., Klyuchi Village, Bugulma District, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia
E-mail: zakupka@airon16.ru
Web: http://www.albico.ru
Country: Russia
The Russian manufacturer of high gloss panels, company Airon produces its production under the brend albico. The special feature of the technology used is the possibility of application a ready ...


Phone: +7 (343) 216-2000 / 03 / 04 / 05
Address: Office 5, 6A, Onezhskaya Str., 620089, Ekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Region, Russia
E-mail: poakkord_3@bk.ru
Web: http://www.poakkord.ru
Country: Russia
Manufacture of metal and cabinet furniture, mattresses for institutions of social sphere, healthcare, construction and industrial companies. The biggest in Russia manufacture of square link meshes ...


Phone: +7 (495) 517-0628
Address: Russia
E-mail: akm-mebel@mail.ru
Web: http://www.akm-mebel.ru
Country: Russia
AKM-MEBEL.RU has been a professional designer and manufacturer of computer tables for over 15 years. Robotic equipment allows to maintain stable impeccable quality.


Phone: +7 (495) 782-8475
Address: 29, Svobody Str., 123362, Moscow, Russia
E-mail: info@akrilika.com
Web: http://www.akrilika.com
Country: Russia
Akrilika Holding Company was established in 1993. Since 2005 it has been one of the largest suppliers of solid surface in the Eastern Europe. Akrilikas warehouse program comprises more than 100 ...


Phone: +7 (4812) 42-24-29
Address: 9, Smolenskaya Str., Pechersk Settlement, 214530, Smolensk Region, Russia
E-mail: aldi04@mail.ru
Web: http://www.aldi04.ru
Country: Russia
ALDI has been in the business of production of high quality furniture accessories since 2000.