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MEBEL 2017

Оn-line registration deadline is 24.11.2017, left 5 days.

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Dear Visitor!

If you are a professional in the industry the exhibition is devoted to, we are ready to e-mail you an individual electronic complimentary ticket. To obtain it, please answer our questionnaire. Pay attention that all completed questionnaires are verified. Incorrectly completed questionnaires are invalid and will not be not accepted.

If you complete the questionnaire correctly, an individual electronic complimentary ticket will be e-mailed to you. To attend the exhibition, you have to print it out and slide barcode side down at entrance turnstiles located at all entrances to Expocentre Fairgrounds.

ATTENTION! One electronic complimentary ticket allows entry to the Fairgrounds of one visitor only. This ticket is exchanged for visitor badge, which gives you unlimited visits to the exhibition.

We thank you for your attention to our work and hope you will understand our security measures.

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Please write your e-mail address: